New guestbook entry for Cristin


:-) :-} :-D 8-D :-P ;-) B-) (-: :-* =-O :-[ >:o :-( :-@ :-o :-/ |-. Oo. :-! $-. x-. :-x

Allen Klafter - 10.06.2016 17:57

I'm just going to call you Melisa because that's the name you used as you made me fall in love with you. I can hardly wait for tomorrow as you are becoming more beautiful with every new day. You are truly blessed with divine grace, beauty and elegance. In all my life I have never seen such a magnificent example of female perfection. I wish you total success in whatever endeavor you pursue. If you're ever interested in coming to America I'd be honored to assist you in anyway you desire. Please don't quit posing in front of the camera, it obviously loves you. Your fans love you too. I'm sure you will always be my all time favorite (atf). :-*

Erwin Ink - 25.11.2014 09:37

For one of the most charming and elegant girl
in the european photobusiness the best wishes
to the birthday send


zhangdong - 23.07.2014 10:35

I love you!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx8-D

Paul Johnson - 28.12.2013 10:04

A true beauty. You just get more beautiful every day. Much love from me xxxxx

Keisuke - 25.11.2013 16:33

Happy Birthday Kristina.
I hope you get many many happy things for this one year.
If I meet you ,I give you a bouquet.
You are always beautiful,Thank you.
from Japan. ...Keisuke (^.^ )

Keisuke - 25.11.2013 16:21

Happy Birthday Kristina.
I hope you get many many happy things for this one year .
If I meet you ,I give you a bouquet.
You are always beautiful,Thank you.
...from Japan ...Keisuke (^.^ )

Eric Tobin - 10.10.2013 22:54

Hello Cristin,What can I say that hasn't already been said.You are a beautiful,sexy woman.I think you are probably as beautiful on the inside as well. :-)I wouldn't mind meeting you some day.And maybe your personality is one that I would like also.Take care and if you would like to know about me then send me a line.Sincerely,Eric

Dieter - 23.05.2013 14:40

A tribute to Kristin


Good look

Roberto - 11.01.2013 21:05

Melisa, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen!
Congratulations you are the PERFECTION of Nature!

Keisuke - 01.01.2013 03:36

. ******************************** ..
..[ I wish you a happy new year! ] ...
.. ============================== ...(^o^)/

Keisuke - 25.12.2012 03:51

....... Merry Christmas ! .....*..
....**...******...****..***....***.. d(^.^)

Marc - 26.11.2012 07:05

Found you on virtua girls and fell in love with your beauty. Would love to see you here in chicago someday.

Keisuke - 25.11.2012 00:06

Happy birthday to Kristina
I pray that you are happiness forever and a day.
I like your smile. I like your beautiful blue eyes.
I think your blue eyes are more beautiful than the amazing jewels all over the world.
My heart has been stolen by you.
Your smile always makes me happy
,since I looked at the photo of your face a few years ago for the first time.
Thank you so much to your parents
,and of course Thank you so much to beautiful Kristina.
Happy birthday to Kristina.

...From under the sky in far Japan
.......................................Keisuke. (^o^)/

....OO....OO........*.... %#% ....*.....*.
..O......O......O........ %#o#% ......*...
I..O............O..YOU.. l%#% .....*......*
.......O.....O.............. l .. / ...............*..
...........O............ (^.^)/ ... a bouquet
......................... /[...] .............. to you
.......................... I..I .........*..........*.

Keisuke - 23.10.2012 14:06

I think...... How are you doing, beautiful Kristina ? I LOVE YOU. (^.^ )
Keisuke ......From Japan

david - 09.10.2012 06:11

hermosa mujer!!!...todos tus trabajos tienen calidad...
toda tu hermosura es captada...

desde Argentina....te mando miles de besos!!!


jiri pavlas - 04.10.2012 09:04


Tobi-M. - 17.07.2012 09:30

Hey, you have a lot of beautifull pictures! I started to photograph models, normaly I photograph transport and industry so I have set myself the goal to get you in front of my camera. :-)
Is there any chance to realize it.
Greetings from germany, hope to see you in Hamburg ;-)

Luiz - 13.06.2012 23:37

I'm from Brazil and i love you. In portuguese, eu te amo, você é linda! You're beauty.

John C - 10.05.2012 21:09

Hello Beautiful, I found you on beirtijd.com and looked at every picture of you that they had. I could see you mature as the time passed and see you become more and more alluring. I try not to dream of the unatainable but in your case, I cannot help it.:-*

John C - 07.05.2012 18:12

You have a fan here in Texas also, you have the greatest smile and the most beautiful eyes (not to mention the rest of you.

Mike - 02.05.2012 18:09

Thanks for enjoying so much being a car enthusiast... and for sharing it with us...

Rory - 12.04.2012 06:19

Love you Cristin, you'r so beautiful...I'm a big fan! You'll always have a huge fan base here in the UK. Keep up all the good work you do and never stop.:-P

Valera - 30.03.2012 12:16

Ты прелесть:-*

Matthew - 26.03.2012 10:25

Hi, Kristina, Plzzz add meee on facebook or tell me other ways to talk to u or have a chat with u....... I'am a Big...Big...Bigger.... Biggest Fan of yours....... ..Plzzz....Add...me!

You are a Goddess....& I would like to spend some time with u. U r sweet, gorgeous, beautiful...all...in all, I would say you are perfect in every way a girl or a Lady can be.

I know you have got many fans of yours...but please consider me in the top list of yours.


DJ Daddy J - 09.03.2012 01:03

Just dropping by to say HEY! Enjoy you weekend & take care..... stay sexy..... B-)

Kaamil Turk - 27.02.2012 10:36

by the way... u have great hard nipples.. kisses on them...:-*

Kaamil Turk - 27.02.2012 10:35

I loved ur gallery. Just one album missing: "Cristin's self work at home!"

Jeff - 17.02.2012 18:56

Sorry but I don't speak any Czeck!

I just wanted to say you are lovely and you have inspired me.

Carlos - 16.02.2012 06:10

Uy por Dios bendito sea el cielo por crear tan hermosa mujer, pero que tales curvas... Melisa eres de lejos la mejor y por eso ¡Viva la Republica Checa! 8-D8-D8-D

Paul G - 14.02.2012 14:05

Don't know if you check your GuestBook regularly... Happy Valentine's Day! Although you're busy, take time to "smell the roses"! :-*:-*:-*

gustavo - 08.02.2012 07:03

Just to let you know that you ever have a good energy fountain from in Brazil...I'm totally your fan, lover of Europe and your family maybe very beautiful, cause u are AWESOME! Success forever!

Wow, I can stay here all of my life and I wouldn't find words to describe my feelings about you!

Venha ao Brasil um dia!B-)

hugo - 02.02.2012 06:48

hola .me llamo hugo quiero saber el cozto de una fotografia para imagen de un taller mecanico.se piensa sacar un poster y estamos interesados en q tu seas la imagen.podrias nandarnos una foto con nuestro uniforme y se te pagaria con eso. en dolares cuanto cuesta una secion de fotos tuya.

Antonio Martinez - 21.01.2012 16:03

Just wanted to drop by and say hello. I think you are one of the prettiest models in the world, and I just want to say keep up the great work.

Jose Luis - 13.01.2012 04:47

Hola Kristina, solo quisiera felicitarte por tu trabajo eres una de las modelos más hermosas en la actualidad, posees unos ojos preciosos y por supuesto un rostro y cuerpos increíbles. Como aficionado a la fotografía y tu admirador me gustaría tener una firma o comentario de tu parte en alguna de mis fotos.


Para ti mis mejores deseos y mucho éxito en tu carrera.

Desde México tu admirador José Luis.

Justin B - 10.01.2012 23:47

I hope you have a wonderful New Year. Your work is awesome and you have the most beautiful eyes… Mesmerizing! :-}

Valera - 04.01.2012 11:38

Поздравляю тебя с Новым Годом и Рождеством! Будь всегда такой же прекрасной и сексуальной, ты самое милое и прелестное создание!!!!!!
Ты навсегда будешь в моем сердце, как недосягаемая богиня, на которую можно лицезреть с восхищением!:-*:-*:-*

Keisuke - 01.01.2012 00:38

Happy new year !
I hope you have a great year.
I always think of you .....You are really so beautiful.
Happy New Year !
From far Japan......Keisuke (^o^)v

Paul Johnson - 31.12.2011 13:37

Hi Kristina. I wish you a Happy New Year and hope 2012 brings you even more success, I'm sure it will. I still think you are absolutely perfect,a very beautiful woman! :-*:-*:-*

Paul G. - 30.12.2011 04:56

Oops! "From" not "grime." lol! (My computer doesn't know how to spell!):-!

Paul G. - 30.12.2011 02:30

Very best wishes for a happy, successful, sexy and beautiful 2012! Happy New Year grime one of your biggest fans!!

Keisuke - 25.12.2011 00:28

Merry Christmas !
Did you get a present from Santa ?
I think Santa will be surprised that you are very beauty.
A Happy Merry Christmas !
From Japan ....Keisuke (^o^)/

Valera - 24.12.2011 22:01

Прелестное и очаровательное создание.Та с которой можно прожить всю жизнь и боготворить.Глаза в которые хочеться окунуться.Люблю тебя, ты моё солнце!:-*

Paul G - 21.12.2011 20:49

Veselé Vánoce! Doufám, že se zobrazí všechny dary si přejete. :-*

Sean27 - 19.12.2011 16:23

Hi, just dropping in too say hello. You are by far one of the most beautiful women alive! I have also want to see where I can find posters? Thank you!

Jose Salazar - 16.12.2011 16:01

Hi, Kristina do you have Twitter or Facebook, so that I'll add you. You're so pretty by the way. Regards:-D

Mike - 12.12.2011 18:48

Have been looking some more at your earlier work,... and it is so pretty and lovely.
Again I am repeating myself, it is a great pleasure to look at.

Paul Johnson - 02.12.2011 23:20

I know this is late, but Happy Birthday Kristina, you are a beautiful woman. Love Paul :-*:-*:-*:-*

keisuke - 28.11.2011 05:09

I appreciate your replies.
My heart has gotten warm by your message.
Have a wonderful week! See you. (^o^)/


Mike - 27.11.2011 19:51

You are astounding when you are Red Vinyl Taped... and especially lovely when freed...
And as the Girl Next Door,... well, you are wonderful!

Alberto Gonzales - 27.11.2011 18:09

hi :-)

Roberto - 25.11.2011 22:59

Hello Kristina
I take a look of you every day, when I have just a few minute of free time. Your wonderful face, your beautiful smile, your gorgeous body... Always a grat plasure for my eyes. Everyone dreams of you...
But I would like to know what do YOU like and what do YOU dream.
I send to you a million of kisses.:-*:-*:-*

forever your Roberto

Mike - 25.11.2011 21:42

I knew that the Kristina Urinova on twitter was a fake ..Its too bad she is using this site like it's hers Looser!! I will follow you here only .. Thank you for posting the truth !! Stay beautiful !!!:-)

keisuke - 25.11.2011 00:04

Happy Birthday
I hope you have always happy smile one year.
I think your beauty is true beauty.
Your beauty looks like an angel or a goddess.
I'm glad to live in the same period with you.
I toast to your Birthday."Cheers"
Happy Birthday to Kristina and Thank you very much to your mother and father.

From far Japan..... Keisuke(^.^)

Cristin replies 27.11.2011 17:09:

Cristin thank you a lot for your wishes.

Pedro - 24.11.2011 18:07

HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! Cristin you are amazing love all your work ..I follow you here ...Have a good one !!

Mike - 20.11.2011 17:38

Thamks for your replies here!
Have a great Birthday on the 25th...

Misha(rus) - 20.11.2011 17:08

hey, my dear Kristina. Maybe this is corny, but but I really love your look. This cute face...deep blue eyes... beautiful hair. And of course your divine body-) Ideal. Angel. Goddess. I dont know you, but im shure ure really good girl, so be happy for me and your other fans) million kisses:-* Your redhead knight:-D :

painter - 20.11.2011 04:54

hello, Kristin, I'm architectural designer and draftsman. I've been making several sketch of you as a trial and it is amazing the deep expressiveness of your face and body, I congratulate you. when I finish a'll, I send you a link.. for you can give me your opinion. I hope you like. thanks


Mike61704 - 17.11.2011 16:35

Hey there Kristina, just wanted to drop by and say Hi. Im following you on twitter so dont be a stranger! Have a nice day.

Cristin replies 19.11.2011 15:46:

Cristin Hi, Im not on twitter.....:-D

Mike - 15.11.2011 19:47

Paul Johnson
I couldn't agree with you more!

Paul Johnson - 14.11.2011 22:38

Kristina is a beautiful woman. I never get tired of looking at her. Everything about her is just perfection.:-*:-*

Cristin replies 19.11.2011 15:46:

Cristin thank you very much :-P

keisuke - 03.11.2011 14:51

How are you?
I think beauty is a word for you.
Have a wonderfull day. (^.^)/

Mike - 30.10.2011 17:47

Nicely and exactly put in words!

Aleksi - 30.10.2011 17:09

A smily hello from Finland!

You are really good what you do. And that is being beautyfull!
Thanks for being out there Cristin!


alexander - 17.10.2011 12:11

you are beautiful!

melissa_fan - 14.10.2011 16:44

Порву за мою Кристиночку!!!

Mike - 30.09.2011 17:58

Thanks again for another immense pleasure with the set that came out yesterday. Again you are sharing your fun and enjoyment... Your attitude is so lovely and natural, that the outcome is just beautiful!
This is what make you so special! With other models the outcome would be hard and crude.

Mike - 27.09.2011 15:13

Seeing you jump off a boat and swim in the sea off the shore of Puerto Rico is beautiful and a great pleasure. This kind of clip of yours is always a certain favourite of mine!
These kind of clips just emphasize your lovely personality and class.

Mike - 13.09.2011 18:25

You look wonderful doing exercises after slowly waking up to a pleasurable morning in Paris.
Your body is great, your breasts are lovely, and with your abashed smile and giggle, it's all an immense pleasure to look at.
Keep going this way,

Mike - 11.09.2011 16:36

Great updating in the gallery!

hernan - 07.09.2011 04:37

bellisima mujer, exelente cutis y unos ojos que queman con solo mirar... obvio las mejores piernas que dan lugar al culo mas perfecto que he visto en la web!

Dieter Schmid - 05.09.2011 11:43

Hallo, Cristin,
perhaps you may like the image under:

Enjoy your pics from all around the web and your virtual girl presentations.

Hugs KDS

Rich Briden - 01.09.2011 14:39


Thank you for the work you do! You make my world a better place! Anytime you're in town, stop by!

Take Care,
Rich Briden

Bartek - 31.08.2011 21:30

Witaj jestem Twoim wielkim fanem, jesteś śliczną kobietą.

Ruslan (Moscow-Russia) - 26.08.2011 18:32

Cristin, hello!
You really like me. My dream is to see you in real life. Do tell me how can this be done? How can I find you in Prague?

Mike - 13.08.2011 09:48

(continuation & correction of last entry)

Looking at these pictures is an immense pleasure.

Mike - 13.08.2011 01:01

Thanks for sharing your fun and enjoyment on this last set.
Looking at these pictures is immense.

Pedro - 05.08.2011 00:25

Are you really on Twitter ?? I have been following you if it is really you .... post more tweets we want to know whats going on !!! Love all your pics and vids ... you are the most beautiful woman on the internet !!..Bye

Filburt - 03.08.2011 08:07

Dear Kris,

I would certainly kill for those eyes you posses. You have read a thousand times this but your body is perfect. Words can't describe what I feel when I watch you naked.

A fan from Central America...

Antonio - 25.07.2011 05:34

Congratulations from Mexico city; you are the most beautiful woman on the earth. can you send me some picture of your face?
when I see you , I think im in the sky with God.

Mike - 22.07.2011 14:48

Dear Kristina,
Your breasts are lovely and beautiful. It is a pleasure to look at them in your various sets, the way you hold yourself, the way you pose.
They are certainly one of your many treasures...
Keep them so for as long as you can. Don't ever be tempted to over-diet, otherwise they will be affected. It would be a pity should they spoil and sag, like it has happened to some of your colleagues including some you have appeared with.

Terry - 16.07.2011 14:29

Hello Kristina,

Bewitching glance, devastating smile, perfect body, you are a real goddess, that numbers of men we are, worship. Do not change anything, stays the most beautiful and charming woman and do not fall in the hardcore,it would be really a disaster.

Give us news about your carreer and travels, tell us when you come in France.

A great Fan of you


Mike - 14.07.2011 15:49


You are a lovely woman. Your body is beautiful all over, literally. You portray yourself so wonderfully and in such class, like no other model exhibiting herself as far as you somtimes go.

Please, please, don't cross into hardcore...


César Ernesto - 24.06.2011 23:18

Hi Cristin, I'm a fan of yours and I just want to wish you much health & work, peace to you and yours, I send a kiss from Mexico that you love, back soon...

César Ernesto - 24.06.2011 16:44


P.S. Visit Us Soon:-*:-*:-*

Tilo - 23.06.2011 19:11

Hi Kris!
Greetings from Puebla, Mexico.

You're a woman truly beautiful. I admire you and I love you.

I thank God that you exist, and I ask God to fill you with blessings.

Visit Puebla, Mexico.

valero - 29.05.2011 06:03

beutiful woman

Pedro - 21.05.2011 03:45

Big fan of your Pics and Vids.....I love your movie Blood Countess 2!! Nice job Kristina..You make Bound Heat HoTTT!!:-D

john - 09.05.2011 17:19

I'm so in love with you, and lost in your beautiful eyes! for me you will be only a dream.

Denis - 08.05.2011 13:24

graceful sexy and very beautiful

Denis - 08.05.2011 13:22

graceful sexy and very beautiful:-)

Gustavo Perez Marquez - 26.04.2011 06:34

hi, I would like to contact you for a private session in Mexico City. Please let me know your fees. Thanks

hohol - 20.04.2011 11:41

Привет кросаваца

Mike - 15.04.2011 21:56


Mike - 14.04.2011 20:37

Have just seen 'The Journey: Corsica 2010' on Erotic Destinations, including the video 'Journey Report: Corsica 2010'.
You are just lovely there. It is a great pleasure to see you there in a "behind the scenes" way, just being yourself... One gets to know you even better this way as a living person...
And, in reply to Michael bellow, do what you want and how you want: your private life is yours, and it's up to you what you want to share publicly.
With Much Respect.

Michael - 14.04.2011 18:59

Hi Cristin,
You are one of the most noticeable models in the Internet. But it's hard to find any information about you. You are already a star, so we are interested more than just another photo set, but you as a person. Why wouldn't you promote yourself more actively, share some real-life information?
We would appreciate it...

nick red - 07.04.2011 05:26

Hello Cristin,

Is your name melisa also ??
I am a really big fan of you.You are the sexiest woman on the world.You are so beautyfull I can not describe it.I like you.Sometimes I wish to meet such a woman like you.I hope you come back to VirtuaGirl.
Your Thomas

NICK - 07.04.2011 05:24

Hello Cristin, MELISA ???
I am a really big fan of you.You are the sexiest woman on the world.You are so beautyfull I can not describe it.I like you.Sometimes I wish to meet such a woman like you.I hope you come back to VirtuaGirl.

Ivan Preston - 02.04.2011 22:21

love u )

Mike - 31.03.2011 18:10

Just seen some of your stuff in New Zealand that has just appeared.
Seems very beautiful there... What were your impressions of the place?
Ans when and where were you there, before or after the earthquake that hit Christchurch in the Southern Island?
Knowing you like to travel around the world, I find this interesting and an integral part of what you portray.


DAVID - 23.03.2011 14:06

hola otra vez yoooooooo, bebota rica , porfi , mandame algo de tu rico cuerpo mujeron , te mando muchos muchos besitos por todo ese sabroso cuerpo

Mike - 15.03.2011 22:00

As I said already on the 20th of February, you are a great pleasure to look at. You pose so well and naturally, that in what most other models come out cheaply or/and crude, you come out lovely and beautiful. Please... please, don't go cheap: you are such class, it just isn't worth spoiling what you are.
Much Respect,

DAVID - 03.03.2011 00:46

hola hermosa mujer , soy un re fanatico de tu hermosa humanidad, me gustaria poder tener algun contacto con vos o que simplemente me escribas o me mandes algunas de tus tantas fotos de tu espectacular cuerpo. besitos y ojala me respondas:-*

Mike - 20.02.2011 16:43

You are such a pleasure to look at, it is just unbelievable...
The more I see your pictures, the more I like what I see: As time goes by, I appreciate your work more and more.
And, I must say, with time your work has become better and better... You are like a very good wine which has matured into something exquisite, just out of this world.

Take care,
Be happy with yourself,


Rodrigo Covinha - 12.02.2011 04:32

you are so beautiful, perfect, gorgeous... OMG! The girl most sexy in the world, I LOVE YOU!:-*

Роман - 11.02.2011 20:26

Я видел тебя столько раз... Привет!

Николай - 08.02.2011 15:03

Мои комплименты, как художника! Всегда приятно, видеть тебя. И совсем не ложь, что ты самая эротичная модель интернета.

Garion - 01.02.2011 13:08

You rock it girl!>:o

Leandro Andrade - 29.01.2011 02:26

Bela como nenhuma outra. Única. Sensacional.
Brasileiros também te admiram e admiram seu trabalho.
Linda, magnifica.
Desculpe pelo português. Mais prefiro deixar os elogios no meu idioma nativo. Beijos.
Ainda me encontrarei com vc... um dia!

matt - 25.01.2011 06:21

your photos stand out amongst the millions out there on the net. you truly are on in a million :-)

Андрей Степура - 23.01.2011 21:38

Добый день, Кристина, надеюсь Ваши родители ещё говорили по-русски когда Вы начали впитывать свои знания о языках и Вы в свою очередь говорите или даже читаете по-русски. К сожалению мой английский столь плох, что годится лишь для обьяснения в пражском обменнике валюты, а чешский вообще отсутствует. Хотя скорее всего это письмо прочитает Ваш помощник или помощница мне хочется надеяться на то что мои слова попадут в Ваши красивые ушки (или скорее глазки).
Меня зовут Андрей, мне 27 лет, я из Украины, из города Белая Церковь Киевской области.
Не буду петь, столь привычные для Вас, диферамбы Вашему шикарному телу, хотя тело у Вас действительно прекрасное, а пропорции просто роскошные и Вы безумно сексуальны.
Хочу повториться и сказать что Вы очень сексуальны и роскошны, но заслуга тела в этом не столь велика как заслуга Ваших прекрасных глаз и Ваших прекрасных губок. Ваши глаза действительно прекрасны - два океана спокойствия и нежности, глубокие и роскошные. А Ваши губки словно что-то святое и вечное хочется целовать и прижимать к себе.

Paja - 23.01.2011 19:51

Ahoj, narazil jsem na tvoje fotky na fotopátračce...seš úžasná, krásný tělo a ještě hezčí čumáček:-)...ale to nejsem první,kdo ti to říká...prostě pěkný fotky!;-)

Андрей Степура - 23.01.2011 12:08

Добый день, Кристина, надеюсь Ваши родители ещё говорили по-русски когда Вы начали впитывать свои знания о языках и Вы в свою очередь говорите или даже читаете по-русски. К сожалению мой английский столь плох, что годится лишь для обьяснения в пражском обменнике валюты, а чешский вообще отсутствует. Хотя скорее всего это письмо прочитает Ваш помощник или помощница мне хочется надеяться на то что мои слова попадут в Ваши красивые ушки (или скорее глазки).
Меня зовут Андрей, мне 27 лет, я из Украины, из города Белая Церковь Киевской области.
Не буду петь, столь привычные для Вас, диферамбы Вашему шикарному телу, хотя тело у Вас действительно прекрасное, а пропорции просто роскошные и Вы безумно сексуальны.
Хочу повториться и сказать что Вы очень сексуальны и роскошны, но заслуга тела в этом не столь велика как заслуга Ваших прекрасных глаз и Ваших прекрасных губок. Ваши глаза действительно прекрасны - два океана спокойствия и нежности, глубокие и роскошные. А Ваши губки словно что-то святое и вечное хочется целовать и прижимать к себе.

mauricio - 13.01.2011 18:10

With love from this huge fan from Brazil, kisses!!!

Steve - 12.01.2011 03:34

...just stopped by to say hello and to wish you happy and safe travels in your journeys.
a fan from VG;-)

gerry - 09.01.2011 05:51

wow u are so perfect, your smile ur body ur ass n'those eyes wow =)

wow eres una mujer tan perfecta, tu sonrisa tu cuerpo y tu trasero y esos ojos wow!! =D

besos y abrazos



jerry 26 años mexico df

mato - 25.12.2010 12:36

Ahoj Kristínka jsem kluk ze Slovenska kterému se líbíš taková jaká jsi, shlédnout že tě to bavy a na nikoho se nehráš.Mohla by jsi mi poslat nahrávku videa o tobě a tvých zálibách abych mohl slyšet tvůj krásný hlas v rodném jazyce. Tvůj fanda Maťo

Ať vánoční zvonek ti štěstím zvoní,
ať vánoční čas se v lásku změní,
a tak krásně jak se hvězda třpytí,
tak nádherné a tajemné ti přeji Vánoce.

Mato - 25.12.2010 11:13

Ať ti radost září z očí celučičký rok a ať štěstí provází každý den tvůj krok. Přeji ti veselé vánoce a štastný Nový rok.

Ahoj smo kluk ze Slovenska, kterému se velmi líbíš taková aka si že se na nic nehrál, je vidět že tě to bavý.Mohla bys mi nahrát na video něco o sobě v rodném jazyce, např. co se ti líbí, aku hudbu posloucháš ... nebo něco podobné.Chcel bych tě lépe poznat. Dik

Peter - 25.11.2010 10:58

Sweetest Cristin!

I wish you a very Happy Birthday to you!!!

Peter from Hungary

Slaz - 25.11.2010 07:52

I know its an American Holiday...but Happy Thanksgiving!

Nick G - 20.11.2010 02:36

I love how you always smile!


TRI - 09.11.2010 15:51


Schön das es Dich gibt.;-)

Prisne utajovany agent - 06.11.2010 22:04

Kristino, s Tebou bych se chtel ucit fotografovat ;) Zadara se asi fotit nenechas, vid? No stejne bych se asi stydel :-D

Shalom - 05.11.2010 22:51

Cristin, hello from Russia! You are so cute and beautiful! Thanks, :-*:-*:-*

Jay D - 04.10.2010 02:42

Hi Cristin. I am from Canada and have been a member of Virt girl for the last year. You are hands down the best performer on the site. Sure there are girls with bigger boobs and taller and dance better but you look like you are having the most fun and thats what we were put on this earth to do. I am not going to sit here and say you are "so beautiful" and "I love you" like all these other guys (it goes without saying gents) I just wanted to say "hi" and keep up the good work.
P.S. If you read this I think that's so cool that we were able to connect for this split second in time.
I'll shut up now :-)
Yours forever

Thomas Ziering - 17.09.2010 20:34

Hello Cristin,
I am a really big fan of you.You are the sexiest woman on the world.You are so beautyfull I can not describe it.I like you.Sometimes I wish to meet such a woman like you.I hope you come back to VirtuaGirl.
Your Thomas

Klaus - 27.07.2010 22:01

Hi Cristin,

i am Klaus from Germany.
(BloodyKlausi by VirtuaGirl).

You are so beautyfull Cristin. I like your work and your so sexy Performance.
You are the most charming and sweetest Girl on Earth.

Kisses Klaus

Hako Nabo - 03.07.2010 02:37

Hi Kristin!
You realy have fans all over the world.
Have you ever posed in Brasil ? :-D

Humber - 30.06.2010 03:32

jemný vánek, jak přijedete,
hurikán pocity
jsou pozměněny tvůj úsměv,
tím, že úsměv,
že vyvolává mé vzpomínky,
potlačit to nostalgie,
že straší mé sny
a připomíná mi, co vůbec bude,
a hrozné láska.

i hope you understand it, i used a translator.
you inspire me a lot.

pd: if it has no meaning tell me ill put it in english x-.

Tony Smith - 24.06.2010 02:04

Dearest Kristina:
I also, am incredibly in love with you, cannot stop looking at your body, wondering about the person behind those beautiful eyes, am awaiting your friendship on FaceBook. I am certain that I am not your first fan in the US. I wish that I could serenade you with my guitar, and touch you with my hands, but that should probably never happen. Just know that you have touched all of us guys in a wonderful way, GLOBALLY.

Catala - 22.06.2010 18:00

Cristin I love you, you're so beautyful, keep on doing this great work !!!

Patrick - 11.06.2010 09:22

Bravo, Mlle ", nebo dokonce?" Uhrinová pro vaši profesionalitu. Chcete-li vidět vaše velmi krásné "plast", to je nic v porovnání s tvůj úsměv, který osvětluje některé z vašich fotografií. Nevím, v plném rozsahu svého díla. Kdybych byl město blízko vás, to bylo s nějakou nervozitou ", nebo dokonce tu čest", udělat nějaké portréty z vás .....
Přeji vám hodně štěstí ve vaší práci a je to plné hvězd ...
Dobrý den, umělce.
Překlad Google francouzského :-)

michael - 09.06.2010 20:00

Váš úsměv ukazuje, že si opravdu vychutnat to, co děláte. Ale občas vidím smutek v těch okouzlující oči. Děkujeme vám za umožnění svět podíl na kráse, která je vám. Pokud jste někdy by se uráčit odpovědět na jednu z vašich tisíců obdivovatelů. Prosím drop poznámku k m.morgan11 @ comcast.net. Jste bohyně. Prosím, omluvte mou špatně přeloženy česky. michael

Mario - 08.06.2010 13:11

Kristina, it is very disappointing not being able to find words to tell you how, well, how incredibly beautiful you are. Everything has been said, you have heard and read everything possible, and I am just human. Being also a photographer, I guess all I can say is that you are perfect. I wish I could meet you sometime and read those wonderful eyes of yours in person. They say so much.

Troy - 05.06.2010 23:36

Jsem jste získal největší deformační na vás! Jsem nemůže pomoci sám. Jsem jisti, uslyšíte těchto typů věci vždy, ale já jsem vážně lol. U amaze mě to mnoha způsoby. Váš rozhodně na to vojáci nevadí:-) Spoustu lásky - Troja

Jerry - 02.06.2010 10:35

You are the sexyist young woman I have ever seen. Every time I see you dancing on Virtuagirl or looking at your pictures, makes me wish I was 35 years younger and got to know you.

Victor - 31.05.2010 06:31

You are the best Cristin (and if your you request it to me, I delete all the compromising pictures)

Slaz - 09.05.2010 07:58

all I can say is I am glad just to know you.Do you do work in the USA as well?
Big fan, and wish a lunch date if your ever in the this part of the country.I promise not to make your boyfriend jealous.;-)
anyways...what do you like to do when not smiling in front of the camera?

Ted Masten - 25.04.2010 18:08

Absolutely love your work. I haven't seen a women as beautiful as you ever. Thank god for putting you on this Earth.

Dominique - 29.03.2010 02:34

Once and again, thank you for this shoot. It really easy to work with you. I spent a pleasant time to laugh, to joke... and work too. You're one of most beautiful women I've never seen, very professional and it help me today : the result is beyond my expectations ! Thanks to Patrick and Vanessa for their help.
KISS & hope to see you for another session, who knows ;)

ninogamez@gmail.com - 02.02.2010 21:30

youre cute

anton denikin - 09.12.2009 00:09

already waiting on your recall on facebook

Oliver - 25.11.2009 10:17

Happy birthday to you, dear Kristina ! Have a wonderful party... And thanks for being (virtually) with us. You are so overwhelmingly beautiful ! Oo.

Jorge Tapia - 02.10.2009 06:49

good evening:
Where can I find a better resolution of your picture 9 in the lingerie section (the one with the pink ribbon, green background and fluffy pink bikini?)
love all your work and here in México have lots of fans.

armando - 09.09.2009 15:18


you're the best, great job.

anyway, i am in love with you ;-))

keep up with the good job
see U

Dario - 09.06.2009 21:04

Kristina: Já si s tebou mluvit? Dario

Jens Heusner - 04.06.2009 10:08


We are planning a swimwear shoot in from 30/07/2007-02/08/2009
Dresden, Germany, we pay 50, - Euro per hour, travel expenses
will be reimbursed. We would be glad to listen something from you.

Please send us a photo of you in swimsuit.

Best regards

Jens Heusner


john - 29.05.2009 02:58

You are GORGEOUS!!!:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*8-D

Dario - 27.05.2009 20:32

Ahoj cristina: nevím všechno jsem si vyžádala zájmu kontaktujte contigo. Jsem jistý počet 1 vašich fanoušků a doufám domluvit na vás. Prosím můj mail je: aldaagu@hotmail.com:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*

Dario - 27.05.2009 20:30

hola cristina: no sabes todo lo que he buscado para poder contactarme contigo. Soy el numero 1 de tus admiradores y espero poder hablar contigo. Please my mail is: aldaagu@hotmail.com

Dario - 27.05.2009 19:30

Hola mujer hermosa-bonita-preciosa. Tengo tantas ganas de conocerte o tan solo de hablar contigo. Te mando todas mis buenas ondas y espero que siempre seas asi, tan linda y tan fresca, tan dulce y tan pero tan pero tan sensual.
Todos mis respetos hermosa!!!!

elliot - 22.04.2009 10:30

youre the perfect girl i've ever seen :-* :-)

Honza - 04.02.2009 23:23

Ahoj Kristýnko proč si říkáš Melisa když máš tak krásný jméno?

Cristin replies 19.05.2009 13:07:

Cristin Říkám si tak jenom v případě, když nechcou fotografové používat mé jméno :-)

ivan - 17.11.2008 20:01

mai vista una ragazza cosi' bella....sie perfetta...un sogno.....bellissimo viso.....fisico perfetto....

Heiko - 12.07.2008 16:10

Hi Cristin!

How are you? I just wanted to tell you that I love your looks and your work, especially your black and white photographies.

Wish you a great time! Love ya! :-D

savio - 03.07.2008 16:42

sei bellissima!!